Ws120 Ultra-light unit (300 Bar)

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Wenoll-System WS 110 & WS 120 Oxygen Systems

Portable Oxygen Solutions

Introducing the Wenoll-System WS 110 and WS 120 – your compact and lightweight oxygen companions. Redefining convenience and mobility in oxygen therapy, these systems offer:

  • Treatment Duration:

    • 30/60 minutes with Demand Module (100% O2)
    • Up to 10 hours (WS 110) or 20 hours (WS 120) with INSPO2 Module
  • Design:

    • Lightweight: 3 kg (WS 110) or 4 kg (WS 120)
    • Compact dimensions for easy storage
    • Nearly noiseless operation
  • Mobility:

    • Fully independent and mobile
    • Practical carry unit and shoulder strap
  • Versatility:

    • Ideal for emergencies, ongoing treatment, and long-term supply
  • User-Friendly:

    • Simple operation for all users
    • International pictograms and short instruction manual

Your Oxygen Freedom

The Wenoll-System is your go-to solution for swift, reliable oxygen supply in various scenarios. Compact, easy to use, and with extended treatment options, it's time to experience a new era in oxygen therapy. Order your Wenoll-System today. Breathe easy, anywhere, anytime.